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All About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Instead of waiting around for search engines to list your website, get immediate listings and traffic using pay per click advertising. At we'll help you learn how pay per click advertising works and which pay per click search engines are the best so you can reach targeted consumers with your pay per click ad.

With more than 500 pay per click search engines to choose from it's difficult to know which search engine to trust with advertising dollars and who'll provide the best results. We have sifted through and reviewed the top pay per click search engines to help you decide which to use. If you are new to PPC advertising, you can get up to speed by browsing our Internet Marketing articles. Receive tips on bid management, pay per click search engines, pay per click software, and more.

Featured Pay Per Click Search Engine Review
Yahoo! Search is one of the most effective Pay Per Click Engines we have used. We have measured its effectiveness with a variety of products and found it to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of reaching a targeted audience. Yahoo! Search's Premium Plan reaches over 80% of all active internet users via the five most important search engines and their advertisers receive over 170 million highly targeted sales leads each month.

Learn More About Yahoo! Search
Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search are undisputedly the most far reaching and effective pay per click search engines on the Internet. In this article we help you learn the pro's and con's of advertising with Google versus Yahoo, and with which of these top pay per click search engines your advertising dollars will be best spent.  Google vs. Yahoo! Read more
Pay per click software is becoming less common as the major search engines have made it more difficult for automation. Pay per click management software was designed to automatically adjust keyword bids and find keywords for pay per click customers. Read more
There are many pay per click search engines out there, and some are better than others. The three biggest names in pay per click advertising are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords, and MSN adCenter.  PPC search engines can expand your reach to get more customers. Read more
Click fraud is the single biggest con to pay per click advertising, and can be a problem even when using the big PPC search engines.  Spot click fraud early with your pay per click search marketing. Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search all have click fraud detection. Read more
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