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Search 123 Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

Though smaller than the giants, Overture and Google, Search123 has a healthy reach of advertising market. We like that you can get started for $25 and there is no minimum monthly bid amount. The user interface is easy to use and manage and users can even create sub accounts- an added bonus for marketing firms. 

Statement from Search 123:

"Advertising on the Search123 Network can extend the reach of any online advertising or search marketing campaign beyond the saturated, highly competitive, expensive portal traffic that is available through other pay-per-click search engine networks. Through our partnerships with quality web properties across all major commercial categories, our users are more likely to originate from untapped segments of active Internet users, providing marketers with access to a unique source of users on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Since we launched our service in October 2000, Search123 has been providing online marketers with access to high-quality commercial search traffic, free account management and optimization services, and industry-leading online tools to assist advertisers and agencies in achieving their critical return-on-investment (ROI) and other performance metrics."

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