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Looksmart Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

Looksmart has a substantial customer reach including traffic from popular portals:,,, Lycos and CNET. LookSmart also offers advanced pay per click management tools and lower bid prices than Overture and Google. Looksmart has a relatively high minimum bid of .15 for inclusion targeting and .10 for keyword targeting, and a $15 minimum monthly spend amount.

Statement from LookSmart:

"Main features of LookListings:
However often your listing appears in search results, you pay only when potential customers click on your listing and visit your Web site.

Keyword targeting
Your listings appear for searches that match the specific keywords you select. Set your own cost-per-click (CPC) and control your position in search results.

Inclusion targeting
This no-hassle targeting option enables your listings to appear for searches on a broad set of keywords determined to be relevant to your site by search algorithms. Inclusion-targeted listings are priced at a flat $0.15 CPC*.

No fees to create or update listings
It's free to create new listings, add keywords, and update your campaigns.

Max CPC with auto-discounting
Set the ceiling on the CPC you're willing to pay. The actually CPC you're billed is discounted to the minimum value necessary to maintain your position in search results.

Relevancy discounts
LookSmart factors in a listing's click-through-rate (CTR) to calculate its position in search results. Therefore, your actual CPC can decrease as the performance of your campaign improves.

The Advertiser Center
With a single login you can access multiple accounts to review and update campaign properties. Personalize and download robust reports to measure and optimize your campaign performance.

Great service
Our professional editors and knowledgeable, friendly customer service teams help you get the most from your LookListings investment. "

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