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eSpotting Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

For businesses wishing to advertise via pay per click search engines to the European market, ESpotting is the ticket. eSpotting has a wide reach across Europ and supplies results for DogPile, Infospace, Netscape and others. eSpotting recently widened its reach partnering with On the downside, the ad campaign management tools aren't as sophisticated as Google and Overture and the amount of traffic can be spotty depending on the category and keyword.

Statement from eSpotting:

"Espotting can help you access targeted leads from across the web. We have hundreds of affiliate partners across the Internet. These affiliate partners are the websites, directories and search engines that carry our listings and which constitute our network.

With Espotting you only pay when a user clicks through to your site. What's more, you set the price. It's Traffic You Control.

Espotting is all about delivering ROI for our advertisers, driving targeted traffic to their site at a price set in order to achieve their goals. For example, for every 1 spent, they received a 30 return. "

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