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Search Pixie Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

SearchPixie has experienced recent rapid growth to its portal like web search. Bids on SearchPixie start at only 2 cents and you can choose what countries your site will be visible for clicking in. $25.00 Starting deposit amount. 

Statement from SearchPixie:

"We have NO cheater traffic - goto our forum where we actively expose cheaters
Traffic - You only pay for the traffic you receive. If a user does not click on your link, you don't pay!
Targeting - Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions.
Cost effectiveness - You set the amount you are willing to spend per visitor, starting as low as $.02 per click
Easy account management - Get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week account access where you can add/modify your settings or see reports on your traffic.
No Hidden Costs - There are no hidden costs or extra fees
Fraud protection - Proxy and Bot click protection, Including advanced Country filtering, ensuring only valid quality targeted traffic
You Decide from which countries you accept traffic - not us, but YOU decide your country filtering options, on a per keyword basis
Search word tool - find related keywords using SearchPixies huge keyword database."

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