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AtomicBot Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

The best thing about AtomicBot is they double (or more than double) your initial deposit amount. They don't charge a listing fee or a monthly minimum spending amount.

Statement from AtomicBot:

Launch your web site into the spotlight!
At Atomicbot, you're in the drivers seat and decide how, when and where your web site appears. Take control and position your listings at the top of our search results to bring targeted visitors to your site.

Benefits of Listing Your Site:

24 Hour Express Service:
Your listings begin appearing in our search results within 24 hours.

You Get Targeted Traffic:
You choose the keywords where your site appears and then position your listings so customers looking for your products and services can find your site!

Your In Control:
You create your own Titles and Descriptions so consumers see the message you want them to see.

Easy Management:
Free "around the clock" access to your own listing control panel. You can add/edit listings and view your "real-time" traffic statistics - anytime!

Cost Effective Low Rates:
You set your own price, starting at just three [3] cents per visit. When someone clicks on your listing and visits your site, then and only then, is the amount you bid deducted from your account.

24 Hour Unique Visits: 
When someone clicks a listing more than once in a day, you're only charged for one visit, even if they visit your site hundreds of times that day!

We Don't Charge Extras ... Period!

Visit Site: AtomicBot
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