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BrainySearch Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

 As far as cheap pay per click engines go, BrainySearch is one of the cheapest. Minimum click is only .001 1/10 of a cent. This means you get 1000 clicks for one penny. It only costs $5 for a minimum monthly bid. 

Statement from BrainySearch:

List your website with one of the fastest growing pay per click search engines.

Target Your Customers
BrainySearch is a pay per click search engine that allows you to bid on your website placement based on keywords you specify. The higher you bid, the higher your website listing is placed in the search results. You only pay for traffic that we deliver to your website.

Bids Starting at $0.001
Our starting bids are only $0.001 cents per click through. This means you get up to 1,000 highly targeted hits to your site for only $1.00. Best of all, there is only a $5.00 minimum deposit to start your account.

Double Your Deposit!
We'll match your first time deposit. This means if you deposit $20 into your account we will give you an additional $20 to put into your account!

Immediate Listing
Your website listings and bids appear instantly in the search results so you can change your bids and information anytime. Our powerful, but yet easy to use management system provides real time statistics and updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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